Tomo Sushi & Grill

Store Hours

Tuesday-Saturday 11AM  – 9PM

Sunday 4PM – 9PM

All you can eat Sushi

*All you can eat orders must be finished including rice, unfinished orders may be charged and is not available for take-0ut. You may not change your All you can Eat order to a La Carte order.

Lunch $19.95

Dinner 24.95

Kids 6-12
Lunch 19.95

Kids 6-12
Dinner $16.95

Children age 5 & Under $5.95

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Hand Roll

Fresh Roll

Deep-Fried Roll

Veggie Roll

Semi-Cooked Roll


*Due to season availability, price & menu items are subject to change without notice


*Consuming raw or under-cooked food may cause a risk of food borne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.

Ordering Takeout?
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